Stage 11: Kassel to Münster

Last long day in saddle! Kassel to Münster - 200km
Beautiful warm sunny day … no rain! Petra and I enjoy a quiet ride through mostly farmlands and small towns on fairly flat terrain.

Make a pit stop for water and a washroom in Beckum where Petra forgets her helmet. We were so focused on dealing with the traffic in Beckum (we were passing through during rush hour) we didn't notice until we were out of the thick of it. We stop, Petra unloads her panniers and leaves me at the outskirts of town to go back and fetch it. Fortunately it was right where she left it.

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Anonymous a dit...

I truly remain impressed! And they talk about figure skater’s thighs.
I cannot imagine how you are able to process the physical and all the exhibition sites.

Anonymous a dit...

I can’t believe that it’s already the end of the trip! Congratulations Petra and Cheryl!!! You two are formidable, what a feat of a project!