The Commute

I decided to document – using video, photo and text – my cycling commutes from home to work during a one-week period (Monday to Friday). This commute takes me from downtown Toronto to Kettleby (a hamlet just north of the city) which is about 46.5 km each way. During this week I uploaded and catalogued my documentation, and collected data, to the blog site including GPS information and my body's vital stats. With each day's log viewers encounter detailed route maps with accompanying graphs representing my heart rate, cadence and speed fluctuations along with elevation statistics. The data collected has also been analyzed and used in my work – as a means of creating video montages that mix found footage - culled from Science Fiction films that feature superhuman female protagonists - and source material collected during my cycling commutes. The sequencing, editing and pacing of these montages are the result of a calculation based on my fluctuating heart rate, speed and cadence. This blog was the first stage of a multimedia installation entitled Elusive Body that was exhibited at Forty Seven Gallery in April 2010. Click here for more information on the exhibition.

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