Stage 2: Mantova to Palazzolo Sul’Oglio

Started out late today, 11am. Stayed to use the internet cafe that was supposed to open at 10am. at 10:30 still no sign of life and I had a ride to do. Couldn’t wait any longer, off to Palazzolo Sul’Oglio. It was sunny and quickly became very hot. We stop for a break in Gambara, fresh fruit and ice cold water ... refreshing. Took it easy along the route north west toward Palazzolo Sul’Oglio. Cycling through the heat was well worth the journey. Palazzolo Sul’Oglio is a beautiful small town nestled by hills. Cycled 138km.

Got in to town around 8pm found a lovely hotel, Villa & Roma. We had an amazing dinner. finally a town with a restaurant still serving dinner after 9pm! we were getting sick of ham and cheese sandwiches, the only thing available once the kitchen closes, usually at 9pm sharp.Back

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Anonymous a dit...

I’m trying to get in touch with you guys about a phone interview with CBC Radio’s Q on Friday June 15 or June 18…
You can try me by email at or by phone at 416.205.2413.

Anonymous a dit...

wonderful to see where you have been traveling but when are you going to call home
Much love,