Stage 7: Basel to Baden Baden

As we leave the hostel to start our next stage Petra decides she would rather take the train. Given it is a beautiful day, and I am interested in recording (via time lapsed photography) the transitions between urban and rural contexts I am dead set on cycling, AM is up for it. So we part ways agreeing to meet at the hotel in BADEN BADEN.
Upon entering Germany our proposed route is put in jeopardy. The rules in Germany are very strict as to where cyclists can venture and if there is a bike route cyclists are banned from the small highways between towns. Within a half hour of cycling in Germany we are kicked off the route and forced to take bike paths that end up meandering between farmland and industrial lands. We feel like we are going in circles as there is little to no signage. Time to stop and devise a new route focusing on small “yellow” roads, on Michelin maps.
In to the Black Forest we go, beautiful hilly landscape. The roads are quiet as they weave up and down with tight turns. Great for cycling. End up on a 400 metre pass, Beiderbach. A well known training area for local cyclists. We arrive in Baden Baden late but feeling good with our accomplishment, ended up cycling a total of 185km.
Petra is no where to be seen. We wait until noon the next morning before heading to Heidelberg. Slightly worried but hoping to see her at the next destination.Back

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Anonymous a dit...

There’s a great European aesthetic you’ve captured with your footage. There’s something nostalgic about the raw countryside and the fantastic stone walls. What a great route!