Stage 8: Baden Baden to Heidelberg

More route navigation challenges, we take the advice of our B&B host and take quiet regional roads that will lead us to the French side of the Rhein. It starts to rain so we decide to take cover in a bus shelter in Seltz. Seems to be a popular one as we are joined by a couple of young girls who stop in to have a cigarette. After snacking on a sandwich we decide to continue regardless of the weather. We eventually cross back into Germany and onto the other side of the Rhein and, back to dealing with the many restrictions on cyclists. Yet again we arrive late this time around 10:30pm into Heidelberg . Happy to finally remove soaking wet clothing! got in 145km and most of it in soaking wet clothing feeling very soggy.
AM has a friend living there who generously offered to take us in. What an amazing welcome, she had prepared a pasta dinner and had beer and wine and cheese laid out for us … what a treat!
Still no sign of Petra, send her an email using our host’s connection. Hopefully she is checking ...

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Anonymous a dit...

the footage looks great. it’s filled with these textures that are so rich. love the whole project. congrats cheryl.