2009.08.22: Murray River, Prince Edward Island > Caribou, Nova Scotia

Late start today as I had to reassemble bike after my hectic flight into Halifax. Also ran into a few problems with the mounting gear for my rear rack. Bungee cord will have to hold it together until I can find a bike shop.
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14h30 - I catch the ferry to Prince Edward Island on the way to my first departure point, Murray River PEI.

16h39- Officially start my journey out of Murray River PEI to Caribou Ferry. Amazing sun, 31°C, SW winds 20km/h. Roads are in great shape! Headwind not so much fun.

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Short journey, along the way I stop and enquire on directions and what there is to do once I have approached Caribou Harbour. One women volunteering at a local artisan shop, has only passed through in her car on her way from the ferry to elsewhere in Nova Scotia. As far as she is concerned Pictou would be much more interesting for me. All she has noticed of Caribou and its harbour is a wharf, a cluster of houses and, of course, the ferry dock. nothing else. I'm curious to know though how involved she is with the local arts community, is she an artist herself. Bashfully she replies not yet but by this time next year she expects "yes". She has just been invited to sell her paintings in the shop, up until now she has focused on needlepoint and jewelry making but is looking forward to doing some plein air painting in the fall. The landscape here is perfect for it.
As with our budding artist when I ask others about Caribou Harbour the responses are similar. "not much there you should visit Pictou it is the biggest city nearby". One person working on the ferry was very impressed with the museum in Pictou, she strongly recommended I visit.

As I approach Caribou Harbour on the ferry from PEI I wonder if I should stop at that point. Do I actually go into Caribou Harbour. Will see how I feel about once I get back on the bike.

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Monique M. a dit...

I say go to Caribou Harbour AND Pictou!