In preparation for the gathering of information on the Approach to Caribou Harbour I thought I would take a cue from artist Stanley Brouwn and his project This way Brouwn where, in 1961, he would stand on a street corner and ask passersby to jot down on a piece of paper the directions to another point in the city. The actual location gets lost in the varying details provided by the various individuals who complied.

A selection of questions I plan to ask individuals in order to engage in conversation about Caribou Harbour and what lies in between ...

- On my way to Caribou Harbour do you know how to get there?
- -Have you been to Caribou Harbour? (if so) Any advice on way to get there? if possible ask why they have been.
- What are the roads like, the scenery?
- Any thing I should check out along the way and once I have arrived?
I should make sure to have these questions with me while on the road possibly in the flap of the map book cover.
ON Thursday 13 August I performed a test run with my camera equipment on my touring bike. Decided to do a roundtrip from downtown Toronto to Kettleby.

For route details click here KETTLEBY

It turned out to be a beautiful, warm, sunny day. 27˚C, winds NE 11km/h
Unfortunately the trip was over shadowed by the lingering smells of rotting garbage yet to be picked up two weeks after the city worker's strike ended. what a long and dirty process.

Would have had more to offer but needed to take some time off the bike to recovery from a minor cycling accident. Need to be back in shape and ready for my first stage on Saturday, 22 August.

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