2009.08.24: Truro, NS > Caribou Harbour, NS

Prior to my departure Katherine, my host and director of the Caribou Harbour Memory Factory, takes me to 'the' department store of Truro, Margolians. It is the place to shop and people come from all over to shop. As much as I would like to hang out and check out the various departments I am anxious to get on the road.

10h53 - Start out of Truro - known as the hub of Nova Scotia - with winds out of the east at 17km/h, temperature of about 14˚C and rain, which comes and goes throughout the rest of the ride.

For details of route taken pleas click HERE

11h15 - From about this point on all I see are trees. Hwy 4 "the old highway" is nice and quiet. It is so serene - no homes, no businesses, no signs, just trees ... and rain. I cycle along with the odd car or truck passing by maybe every ten minutes or so.

12h52 - I reach the summit of Mount Thom, or more accurately the entrance to the Mount Thom quarry. As much as I was enjoying the solitude, by this point I was ready to find a place to stop. As there is absolutely nothing I decide to take a break at the side of the road near the quarry and as it turns out so does someone else. The owner of the pickup truck asks me if I am heading toward Truro. I inform him of my destination and he responds "Should head back to Truro the rain has stopped there and, there is nothing to do in Caribou". I smile wish him luck trying to get his pickup started again, as he slides under its chassis.

13h38 - Finally I find a store along this old highway. I have to stop even if I don't need anything. Its tiny and cramped, I find the beverages and go to the cash. The cashier, a very pleasant woman, asks me how I am doing and where I am heading. "Caribou Harbour, have you been?"
Nope, but I am sure there is plenty to see, people to meet and things to do. Enjoy your stay"

14h50 - re-entering civilization. There are more cars on the road as I go along highway 675 into Pictou, as well as homes and businesses and the pulp mill.

15h28 - Arrive at Caribou Harbour, the rain has stopped.

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