2009.08.25: Cape George Point, NS > Caribou Harbour, NS

10h53 - Start my eastern departure point at Cape George Point. The weather is perfect, sunny, about 15˚C with a subtle wind (NW 7km/h). A beautiful place to start, the view is spectacular. Definitely a must see if ever in the area.

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For about the first 30km of my ride the route is rolling and mostly up hill. Up to this point quiet again no one nothing trees, trees, trees, oh, and the odd church.

11h47 - I discover a food stand at the edge of the road, the Sunset Cabana. I must stop. A teenager is inside listening to dance music. I inquire on directions. He's not quite sure how to get to Caribou as he has never been, but tells me I'm heading in the right direction. All he knows about Caribou is the ferry.

At about 35km the route starts to plateau, just when I am starting to feel strong pangs of hunger.

12h45 - Make a pit stop to refuel at Linsmore Café and Store. The young woman who rings in my order of fish and chips asks me where I'm heading. I tell her and she's amazed. "That's a long way, and aren't you scared of the bears?" Turns out there are constant sitings on the road. Fortunately for me I have yet to see one. As for my destination she has never been, just passed through on her way to the PEI ferry.

13h15 - Back on the road it is nice and flat now and still very quiet.

14h12 - Traffic has picked, I'm seeing more vehicles as well as the odd person walking on the street! I stop and ask a gentleman about directions. He laughs "Why Caribou Harbour, nothing there." I mention that there's lobster and that I heard it was once home to a huge lobster processing plant. He knew of it but that was many years ago, the jobs are gone, just the ferry now. I thank him for his help and he wishes me a safe ride.

15h47 - I'm in the town of New Glasgow, what a change of scenery so I decide to stop and take some video of the downtown from the bridge that crosses the East River of Pictou. A woman enquires what I am doing and tell her about my project. She's intrigued and wonders why Caribou Harbour as there isn't much there now. She does have a faint memory as a child hearing about the lobster processing plant as some of her relatives worked there but she was young and work was not a subject of interest at family gatherings so doesn't have much to offer me in the way of stories.

My thoughts wander it’s beautiful here, serene, tranquil almost too tranquil. There are so few signs, so few markers along the route. So little information readily available. It is easy to feel you are in another world, one of the present only. What has taken place in the past is irrelevant.

16h13 - The Sobey Art Foundation, the gates are open and cycle in only to find no one. Turns out the foundation is not open Tuesdays ...

17h20 - I have arrived.

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