20090826: Pictou > Caribou Harbour

17h46 - I start another short journey. This time I will explore the approach from Pictou NS. A quaint town very close to Caribou Harbour. I take the roads closest to the waterfront, check out the view. I meet up with a few tourists. Most of the people I spoke to were passing through having taken the ferry from PEI and on to another destination. They were all that familiar with the area.

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As I approach the west end of town I stop to chat with a couple of women who have just left Sharon's Restaurant. I enquire about Caribou Harbour and they tell me there isn't much there but lobsters and the ferry. Beautiful spot though.

18h10 - On my exit from Pictou I see a man leaving a convenience store and ask him if the road I am currently on will take me to Caribou Harbour. He asks me if I am going to the ferry or the camp ground. I explain where it is I am staying and he is very helpful in providing me with detailed directions. He tells me he lives near the area and that there isn't much to do. Most people are there for the ferry or for the campgrounds. There is also a really nice beach too.

I continue along and find the camp ground he mentions.

18h36 - I find Caribou Harbour.

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