20090826: Caribou River > Caribou Harbour

15h08 - A bit of a late start due to some blogging mishaps uploading video etc.... Fortunately I had a very short distance to do in approaching Caribou Harbour. I made a slight change from my original route plan. Instead of starting from Caribou Island I decided to start by Caribou River. It seemed fitting to go from one body of water to another.
Just as I start my route I run into Jay who is visiting a friend in the area. It is her four summer in Caribou River and just loves it. She has also been able to reconnect with her family history and informs me that the street we are currently on, Grant Street, was named after her great, great, great grandfather who had settled here. She is one of the only family members now back in the area, most having left as soon as they were old enough to "find their fortune". The family home was sold off leaving no place to call "home". She is fortunate to have her friend with property here who allows her "squatters rights" each summer.

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15h35 - I run into another woman, Julie, who has lived in the area for a number of years, having spent much of her time in Pictou prior to where she now calls home. Again she loves it here she finds a huge sense of community among the locals, specifically with the fishermen. Her son spent last summer working with them and became very aware of how supportive they are of each other. Although they are very competitive, each have their 'territory' staked out. Anyone who breaches these unwritten territorial boundaries can expect their cages cut. She is also happy to see that the lobster fishing business and the PEI Ferry able to co-exist. As she sees it both are necessary for the posterity of the region. Now if only the tourism industry could be a bit more organised, it's a beautiful location to visit.

16h00 - my ride ends at the very end of Blaine MacKeil Road in Caribou Harbou. The view from here is breathtaking.

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