Port Credi 2010: Second Attempt

Friday 7 May 2010 - I start my day at Heritage Mississauga office where I have a meeting scheduled with resident historian Matthew Wilkinson. After providing a brief description and framework of my project he provides me with a wealth of information on the history and founding of Port Credit. We peruse historical documents, images and aerial shots of the area, as well as maps. He also fills me in on some of the current local politics and what the future might hold for the town of Port Credit. I leave overwhelmed with information, photocopies of maps, booklets and pamphlets ... many thanks to Matthew for his time, knowledge and enthusiasm!

Time to start my second attempt at physically tracing Port Credit, although running a bit late so I can only attempt half of my proposed route for the day.
Here are some statistical information from today's attempt:

To view a GPS mapping of today's ride click on map image ...


Here is the proposed route for today's attempt

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